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Hi! I’m Dale Suslick, husband of Robin Suslick, father of six, Real Estate Team Lead, Listener, Investor, Executive, and Resident of Marco Island. Robin and I met on a warm summer day in June more than 25 years ago, when she stepped out of her father's waterski boat and right into my heart. Together, we live a rich and full island life with our kiddos Liam Phoenix, Aubrie, Caden, Elaina, Samantha and Natalie. Of all the accomplishments in my career, I have to say being a father and husband is by far the most rewarding job I have.

Before moving to Southwest Florida, Robin and I owned multiple businesses in Southwest Wisconsin. In 2012, we sold our Wisconsin business interests to a national company and decided to move south. I like to say we are helping others do the same thing we did… buy a plane ticket, soak in the sun, fall in love with Southwest Florida and then pack up and relocate here!

I can remember when we first vacationed on Island in 2009. As we passed the local School, Robin turned to me and said, “Wow! Families are actually doing life here, full time!” It was a crazy thought at the time, which turned into a reality for our family a couple years later. And, I have to admit, it was one of the best decisions we’ve made to date!

My real estate career started in 1994, with the purchase of our 2-flat on Heath Avenue in Madison, Wisconsin. Since then, real estate has been a passion of mine, including and not limited to investing, leadership, and sales. In my past free time, I thoroughly enjoyed instructing real estate courses on law and ethics at Larson Educational Services. In fact, what I love about working in real estate is a focus on ethical business practices and genuine customer service. My goal is not to rack up as many transactions as possible, but rather to help as many folks find their true happiness here in Southwest Florida... and that is my hope for you as well!